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    How we can support our local businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    I know this is a tough time for everyone due to these uncertain circumstances but it has made me reflect a lot over the last few weeks. Not only do I want to be a source of light and positivity to you guys, but I also want to give you tips where I can.

    The longer this goes on, I can’t help but notice how much it’s affecting small businesses—especially the local ones in my neighborhood. Most of these small businesses are doing what they can by offering curbside pickups, online orders, and gift card promotions.

    So I wanted to compile a list of different things small businesses are doing to keep up and how we can support below. If you scroll down more, you’ll see a list I curated for Southeast Michigan that lists all my favorite local small businesses and what we can do to support!

    Look for delivery and curbside pickup

    A lot of businesses are doing curbisde pickup (like coffee companies and breweries) where you can order online and they will bring your order out to your car. Do some research online and you might learn a few things about your favorite local businesses! Another good spot to look is Instagram, as most small businesses provide their updates there.

    Buy gift cards

    Gift cards go along way in helping small business’ revenue. If there are local restaurants or boutiques you like to shop at, give them a call and ask them if they’re running any gift card promotions as you’d like to support them. Your small act of kindness could make someone’s day.

    Re-schedule, don’t cancel

    Instead of canceling all of your personal care appointments, simply reschedule them for the end of April or May. This will give small business owners peace of mind knowing they won’t be completely losing some of their clientele.

    Shop online

    A lot of companies sell merchandise on their website and when it comes to fashion and beauty companies they are more than likely to have an online shop so definitely take advantage of our small businesses’ online presence right now. Amazon will make it out of this. Our small local businesses need our help right now.


    I’ve started to notice a few restaurants starting GoFundMe’s. They claim they want to raise money to help their staff during these times which I think is so thoughtful. If there’s one restaurant you frequent and go to all the time maybe consider sending them a few bucks if they have one running.

    Now let’s talk about my favorite local businesses and how we can support them. If you live in the southeast Detroit area, keep on reading because I know you will get some inspiration from this!

    Here is a curated list I put together for all of my favorite local businesses and how you can support them right now:


    Imperial is offering a GoFundMe and curbside carryout.

    Inyo is offering carryout and delivery.

    Ima is offering gift cards, online ordering, carryout, and curbside pickup.

    Big Alora
    Big Alora is offering curbside pickup and delivery. Get your pizza from here, not the larger chains. 😉

    • Griffin Claw
    Griffin Claw is offering curbside pickup .

    Jolly Pumpkin
    Jolly Pumpkin is offering carryout and delivery.

    Also, be sure to check out for a list of ALL Michigan restaurants and whether they are open, closed, offering carryout or delivery. Super helpful website!


    Detroit Cookie Company
    DCC is offering online ordering only but you can still show your support by ordering online and getting something in the mail.

    Ferndale Nutrition
    Ferndale Nutrition is offering curbside pickup.

    Barry’s Bagels
    Barry’s Bagels offers online ordering and FREE delivery through Grubhub. I ordered a dozen bagels this morning and had them delivered on my front doorstep. You can freeze the bagels in individual ziplocs and then bake in the oven at 400 for about 10 min and it’s like having a fresh bagel on the day you ordered it! (Leave it to me to know all of this about bagels LOL).

    Sister Pie Detroit
    Sister Pie Detroit has a GoFundMe and carry-out options.

    Le Detroit Macaroon
    Le Detroit is offering curbside pickup.


    Ferndale Project
    Ferndale Project is offering online ordering and contactless curbside pickup. (PS the sour beers are SO GOOD) we got a bunch of cans earlier this week and needless to say they didn’t last long lol.

    Michigan By The Bottle
    Michigan By The Bottle is offering curbside pickup and gift cards.

    • .Motor City Gas
    Motor City Gas whiskey offers carryout service.


    Great Lakes Coffee
    Great Lakes Coffee is offering delivery and carryout.

    Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters
    DOCR is offering online merch and coffee along with contactless curbside. pickup


    Society Boutique
    Society is offering a gift card promotion (Buy $100 gift card get $20 back) and is offering mail service. If you DM them on Instagram they will send you anything you like with FREE shipping.

    Coco Grand
    Coco Grand has an awesome online shop and is currently offering FREE shipping. They are also giving away FREE black leggings with every order $75+ until they run out. DEFF go take advantage of that while supplies last!

    Bird Bee
    Bird Bee has an awesome online shop and is currently offering FREE shipping. Definitely go to these boutiques before you order new clothes from a larger retailer.

    Good Neighbor
    Good Neighbor is currently offering 25% everything on their site.

    Style Trolley
    My little cardigan in the photo at the top is from this boutique! They do have some cute stuff. Definitely go to these boutiques before you order new clothes from a larger retailer.


    Cosmakery is a clean, cruelty-free beauty brand based out of Michigan and you can shop all of their products online! You can get 20% off everything with code 20OFF.

    I hope you found this list helpful. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend and find some fun things to do AT HOME. Love you all!

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