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3 Ways to Make Your Goals Stick in 2018

So we’re about three weeks into 2018—how are you guys feeling?! I’m still feeling energized and motivated to keep up with my intentions I set for this year. That was actually one of my goals: to not give up on the intentions that I set for myself.

Do you struggle with keeping up with the goals you set? I know I do—so I wanted to share some of the ideas I have used thus far to keep myself on track and hopefully, this helps someone else out there too. 🙂

  1. Turn your goals into actionable tasks
    Sit down every Sunday and reference your goals list that you created for 2018. I have mine written on the first page of a journal I reflect on every week. Then start penciling in tasks that you can complete for the upcoming week into your agenda or planner. It might take more than one task, but if you reflect on the tasks you completed/did not complete each Sunday you can stay on track!
  2. Make to-do lists every day—and carry over the tasks you don’t finish to the next day’s list
    In addition to writing my tasks for the week down weekly, I make a to-do list on a sticky note that lists out all of the tasks I have to complete for that day. When I complete them, I cross that item off the list. There’s something that feels so good about crossing things off when you’ve completed something! It’s also important to remember to include the tasks you didn’t complete the day before on the next day’s list. This also helps you keep track of everything and helps me make sure I don’t forget anything! I have found that the older I get, the busier I get, and that can make it impossible for me to remember everything I should be doing each week, especially the goals I set three weeks ago.
  3. Take small steps towards a goal each day and reward yourself
    Sometimes, we set a goal that must be worked on every single day. It’s not something we can just “complete” in one day. For example, this year one of biggest goals was to keep my apartment clean. This is something I have always struggled with because of my busy schedule. So every single day when I get home from work I clean for 20 minutes. I created a Spotify playlist that is about 10 songs and play that from beginning to end. I tell myself that I can’t lay down on my bed or relax until I clean for at least 20 minutes. The funny thing is, I usually end up cleaning much longer than 20 minutes because once you’re in the middle of it, you want to keep going! However, if I’m super tired that day I let myself stop after 20 minutes, and at least I was productive for that day. Then I reward myself by sitting in an area of my apartment that’s clean and sip some wine or eat a snack. It feels so good being able to relax in a space that is perfectly clean! This concept can be applied to so many other goals, like fitness, education, etc.

These are some habits I have noticed that has been working for me so far, so hopefully, you guys are all staying on track this year too!

Have an awesome week, guys!
Sara 😘

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