My Christmas Wishlist

Can you believe Christmas is only 12 days away? I also wanted to share that I will be challenging myself to blog every single day for the 12 days counting down to Christmas! I know how much I let my blog get pushed to the side when things get hectic, but I really want to get myself back into the groove of writing on here more because I really want to provide more value to you all who follow me along!

I’m soo grateful for you all and without you I wouldn’t be able to share as much as I do about my life. My 12 days of Christmas blogging challenge will contain a bunch of holiday gift guides (yay!) and other inspiring holiday content to help get you through the holiday season!

I don’t know what it is about this year but I’m feeling WAY more festive about Christmas this year compared to last year. 😂 Anyway, I’m kicking off my 12 days of Christmas Challenge with a bunch of gift guides! I’m sharing my Christmas Wish List first because I’ve been getting so many people asking what I want for Christmas and quite honestly I never know what to say! But hopefully, this list will help! 😊 Stay tuned to see more ideas throughout the next few days!

& Thanks for stopping by!! 😘😘

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