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Happy Wednesday loves!! I think I’m coming down with ~another~ cold… eek. Send all the good vibes my way because I don’t think I even have time to be sick… LOL.

Anyway, a couple years ago when I first started my blog I created a gift guide for Valentine’s Day that was based on the 5 love languages. It was actually one of my most popular posts to date, so I wanted to create a holiday version! What I like about this type of guide is how easy it is to put some of these ideas together last minute as a lot of them are DIY!

If you need a refresher on what your love language or your partner’s love language means, you can reference my blog post here. Or if you don’t know your partner’s love language you can have them take this quiz here.

Words of Affirmation

Open When Letters
Open When Letters are a series of envelopes + cards you can gift your partner to offer encouragement and show how much your partner means to you. This is something that is PERFECT for this love language because they need too hear why you love them to feel loved. I also wanted to share some ideas to help get you started:
• Open when… You need some inspiration
• Open when… You’re sick
• Open when… You’ve been let down
• Open when… You need a kiss
• Open when… You miss me
• Open when… You need a laugh
• Open when… You wake up
• Open when… You don’t feel respected
• Open when… You need to make a big decision
• Open when… It’s your birthday
• Open when… You’re stressed
• Open when… You’re angry
• Open when… You’re tired
• Open when… You’ve had a bad day
• Open when… You’re nervous about a big event

Physical Touch

Couples Massage and Scheduled Alone Time
Head over to Groupon and book a relaxing Couples Massage for your partner! Many of these packages even come with free chocolates or champagne. After your relaxing afternoon, you could even schedule time out to just cuddle and watch a movie together! Making sure you take the time to plan some alone time together is just what this kind of person needs to feel loved.

Receiving Gifts

12 Days of Gifts After Christmas
Take the 12 days of Christmas theme, but flip it! Give your partner a gift for 12 days after Christmas, starting on Christmas Day. The thing about this love language is, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! This type of person smiles when you bring a gift for them after you have been traveling. It’s the thought that counts! It could be 12 very small, yet thoughtful gifts. Like their favorite candy or DVD of the movie you guys went to see on one of your first dates.

Quality Time

Date Jar
This gift is the perfect DIY for someone who appreciates quality time together. They will feel so loved knowing you took the time to create a little tool to help you guys get that time together! I also made a FREE printable for you guys to download and print. There are some blank slips in there too if you want to add some of your own. Cut them out and throw into a mini mason jar and you’re good to go!

Acts of Service

Personalized Love Coupons
This is my love language! As of late, lol. It used to be words of affirmation but it’s funny how your love language can change as you grow. So definitely take the quiz again if you think it’s been a hot minute since you took it lol. For this person, personalized love coupons are perfect! When you go out of your way to show your partner you want to take some responsibility off their back, they’ll be so thankful and it will make them feel so loved. I also created a free printable for this as well! You can download below or even create your own if you’d like. You can even package them in a cute way also. It’s all about the delivery!

I hope this gift guide inspired you in some way. And if you’re feeling like you’re running out of time, taking the DIY gift route is so painless and stress-free!

I’m going to go relax and drink a lot of fluids because I can’t get sick! Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you’re having an awesome week! Only a week until Christmas is here!

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