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How to be more optimistic when things don’t go your way

Happy Monday! ☺

To say I had a lot planned out last weekend is an understatement. First, the event I had planned on going to sold out. I had been planning it for about a month and waited too long to get the tickets. So, I planned a trip to Ann Arbor instead. And then we got 9 inches of snow on Friday. 😅 Instead of giving up my friend Miranda and I made the most of it and did a day in Detroit! Although I didn’t get all the content I probably would have if I had gone to that event, at least I still got out and got some different content that (I am still happy about) even though it wasn’t what I had planned the whole time.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. On any given day you’ll see me writing to-do lists with exact times to finish each task. I do this to alleviate pressure/stress and to make sure I am getting everything done that I’m supposed to. BUT I have also realized that sometimes you can’t plan everything—because life happens.

What I experienced this past weekend inspired me to make a point to talk about how we can learn how to “go with the flow” more or “let life happen”.

Release expectation. I plan out my posts and my photoshoots so far in advance and think about every single detail, to the point that I have a vision in my head of exactly how the day will run. I’m creating expectations when I do this. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing to plan ahead, but try to release any expectations you have for that day, that event, or that relationship. Mother nature, family emergencies, anything can happen that will ruin this “vision” you once had.

Relax. Overthinking and anxiety are my worst enemies. Sometimes that can be the root of most of the problems I have in life! Both of these icky feelings are caused by fear. It’s important for me to remember to take a deep breath and just listen to my body. So what if something doesn’t turn out how you wanted? It will always work out because you will always figure out how to navigate that bump in the road. Learning to let go and relax is something I have to continually work on but it truly does help when things aren’t going our way.

Bounce back. I think it’s okay to be bummed about something! This is an emotion you can’t ignore and you should recognize it, appreciate it, and then move on. Put on a smile and believe you can (even if you feel like you can’t).

I know these ideas are a little vague but they can truly apply to so many different things that happen in life and it’s good to practice these habits no matter what!

Hope you guys have an awesome week! I’m hosting Galentine’s Day tomorrow with all my girlfriends and I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to share as much as I can on my Insta story. Love you guys!!

❤ Sara

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